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Norman + Selina Wedding Actual Day and Reception

  “In case you ever foolishly forget: I am never not thinking of you” Lead Photographer: Chun Chow | Assistant Photographer: Barkley | Videography by Motion Foundry | MUA by Joanne Tang | Wedding Deco by Plushed | Dessert Bar by My Sugar Bakes | Live Band by Akoustik Connexion | #cccphotography #kuchingweddingphotographer…

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Yong Heng + Mei Lin | Wedding Ceremony and Wedding Reception

  A wedding ceremony definitely not to be forgotten especially when Yong Heng comes from a rich heritage and cultural state, Melaka. Having the opportunity to witness the traditional longhouse wedding ceremony in Sematan with his beloved bride, Mei Lin and together they celebrate the night with lots of joy, laughter and love. Lead Photographer:…

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Emile + Jasmine

  Lead Photographer: Chun Chow | Assistant Photographer: Davis | MUA: Makeup Artist Eirwen Kho | Emcee: Kelly YenFang | Reception Venue: Sarawak Club | #cccphotography #kuchingweddingphotographer#malaysiaweddingphotographer #kuching…

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Wilai + Wendy (Wedding Actual Day)

  “Find the things that matter, and hold on to them, and fight for them, and refuse to let them go” A love story between a kickboxing trainer groom from Thailand and our very own Sarawakian Iban trainee and now the bride =)Congratulations, Wilai and Wendy! Lead Photographer: Chun Chow | Assistant Photographer: Lee Tak |…

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Aaron + Cynthia Wedding Actual Day

  “I’m much more me when I’m with you” Lead Photographer: Chun Chow | Assistant Photographer: Lee Tak | #throwback #cccphotography #kuchingweddingphotographer…

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Robin + Ling Ming Wedding Actual Day

  “If you want rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain” Lead Photographer: Chun Chow | Videographer: Motion Foundry | MUA: Joanne Tang | Emcee: Jason Sim | Band: Akoustik Connexion Management | Photobooth: Wowsome Sarawak | #cccphotography #kuchingweddingphotographer #kuchingsarawak #motionfoundry #malaysiaweddingphotography…

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David + Adriana Wedding Actual Day

Lead Photographer: Chun Chow | Assistant Photographer: Barkley | Videography: Motion Foundry | Band: Akoustik Connexion Management | Emcee: Emcee Anthony Voon | Reception Venue: Pullman Kuching…

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Jonathan + Xin Yee Wedding Actual Day

  “Love, laughter and happily ever after” Photographers: Chun Chow | Barkley | Videographer: Motion Foundry | MUA: Eirwen Kho | #cccphotography #motionfoundry #kuchingweddingphotographer…

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Hun Sheng + Kai Hoong Wedding Actual Day

  “- But then I met you and it felt like everything was going to be okay. ” | Chief Photographer: Chun Chow | Assistant: Terence Kuan | Videographer: Motion Foundry | #cccphotography #kuchingweddingphotographer #kuchingweddingphotography #malaysiaweddingphotographer…

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Sasi + Sharon Wedding Dinner Reception

A wedding reception dinner full of love, joy and laughter! Congratulations to Sasi and Sharon Bathsheba Mejin! Chief Photographer: Barkley Lim Videographer: Paper Plane Studio Reception Venue: Pullman Kuching #cccphotography #weddingreception #kuchingweddingphotographer…

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